healthy air fryer recipes

Air fryers are modern kitchen appliances that allow users to prepare delicious food quickly and with reduced fat and oil usage. Perfect for quick snacks and appetizers, main courses, desserts, and even frozen treats! Here we present some of our favorite healthy air fryer recipes as a starting point.

Start off your morning right with these tantalizing breakfast recipes made in your air fryer, from melt-in-your-mouth pastries to crispy tater tots – they will ensure an exceptional morning!

Air fryers create crispy textures without the need for additional oils, though you can use a drizzle if desired. This recipe works with any protein such as chicken or salmon, plus broccoli and potatoes – it makes an easy dinner that kids can help prepare themselves and makes a fantastic lunch to pack in a bento box for picky eaters!

This mouthwatering air fryer meal will quickly become one of your go-tos on busy weeknights! Packed with boneless skinless chicken thighs in a sweet and spicy sauce, this satisfying dinner comes together quickly in just 10 minutes! Plus, kids will love helping in the kitchen while personalizing it to suit themselves by using their favorite bottled sauces!

If you want the delicious flavors and crunchiness of fried chicken without all of its extra calories and fat, this air fryer recipe offers the ideal solution. By combining day-old bread and herbs into an irresistibly crunchy yet healthy coating, this air fryer recipe delivers on every front! We even included an alternative option suitable for gluten-free individuals!

Air fryer snacks make delicious zucchini chips – these indulgent chips taste just like their counterparts with half the calories!

Air frying allows you to achieve any delicious potato recipe, like this delectable baked one! Air fryers give crisp-on-the-outside yet tender-on-the-inside texture in half of the time it would take in an oven.

These lean pork tenderloin lettuce wraps are packed with flavor! Perfect as standalone lettuce cups or made into rice- or grain-based bowls to add more vegetables into your diet, the air fryer does an incredible job crisping their exterior while cooking all of the meat on the inside within just 10 minutes!

Orange chicken is typically deep-fried, but this air fryer recipe allows you to experience all its flavors while cutting fat and calories dramatically. Perfect as an entree with rice or whole grains; or serve alongside simple air fried vegetables so that the flavors of its sauce really sink in.