air fryer potato chips

If you’re craving salty snacks but trying to reduce fats and preservatives in your diet, air fryer potato chips offer an easy and delicious solution! Not only are these homemade chips crisp and crunchy; they only require minimal ingredients; plus their fat and calorie count is significantly less than commercially made varieties!

To make air fryer potato chips, start by thinly slicing your potatoes using either a sharp knife or adjustable mandolin slicer (recommended). Slice as thinly as possible so your chips become crispy; cut either longways for longer chips or shortways for traditional chips shapes. After cutting, soak your slices for at least 30 minutes in cold water as this step removes starches that could prevent your chips from turning out crunchy.

Next, dry the potato slices thoroughly with paper towel before spraying with oil and seasoning them with any optional spices you’d like. Finally, place them in your air fryer and cook until golden brown and crispy; depending on their thickness this could take 8-15 minutes of air frying time; it is also important to flip and separate any touching slices as they cook.

These air fryer potato chips are delicious in their original state, but you can elevate the experience further by adding additional seasonings. Try sprinkling on some granulated garlic for added depth of flavor or topping off your chips with sea salt for an irresistibly savory snack!

Serve potato chips either on their own, with or without dip of your choice, as a great movie night snack and packed in school lunches alike. They also make for an easy addition to cheeseburger sliders or Philly cheesesteak sandwiches for an indulgent treat!

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